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BMCD 012
William Austin Clay
"WAC® Premium"
Ol' boy from Texas seeks to transcend his bodily existence and become a Brand®, immortalizing his likeness and music in the form of an Album™ 


 Chill Out

BMCD 011
"OSR #33"
The latest from Joey Pizza Slice. Originally released "offline" by OSR Tapes.

  You're Right On Time

 Gum On My Carpet

BMCD 010
EKP Orchestra
"EKP News"
The orchestral offshoot of Katie McShane's Every Kim Parcell. Recorded live by the AV Department at the New England Conservatory on October 25, 2015.

 Sour Don't

 EKP News
BMCD 009
The Lentils
"Brattleboro is Flooding"
 The first full length album from The Lentils is a real heart breaker. Currently availible on vinyl from Feeding Tube Records / Bufu Records

 Brattleboro is Flooding

 A Theory of Drowning
BMCD 008
Zach Phillips
"The Closest Exit May Be Behind You"
Zach Phillips, anti curator of the offline label OSR and first time guitarist, graces our catalouge with 23 songs written on piano but arranged for/performed on multitracked monophonic guitars. 

  Is That Hole a Share Portal?

 Don't Tell Music I'm Coming

BMCD 007
Robocop: the Movie
"The Futuristic Death of Robocop: the Movie"
Totally unknown N.J. punk rock. Original record deal fell through in 2005 when the band refused to change their name. Now, a decade later, it finally sees the light of day.

 Can't Stop the Brains

 New Jersey's Gonna Eat the Brain of the World

BMCD 006
Tall Boys
"Pretty in Plaster"
Ian McPherson and Peter Nichols bring us their brand of "soft rock for wusses." Also available on cassette from Gnar Tapes/Spooky Town Tapes.

 Wild at Heart


BMCD 005
Jake Lions Band
"I Am Not And You Can Too "
Jake isn't plus we could also.


 White Keys Black Keys

BMCD 004 
Meadow House 
"Attempts & Results"
English musician, instrument builder, composer, and former radio personality Daniel Wilson digs through the audio dustbins of his past to provide us with this collection of rarities.

 Dodo Bollock

 Multiplying Postmen
BMCD 003 
"Space Hearse"
Richard Wright has been recording at home in Vermont since the 1980s. Originally known as Nancy,  he now goes by the name Dick FaceBat. This is his first official release.

 Black Dress
BMCD 002
The Dead Souls
"Chasing the Shadows"
Vermont by way of Puerto Rico "Degenerate Primitive Goth Rock."

 In Empty Dreams